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Going Interstellar at Princeton

August 14, 2006

The annual New Trends in Astrodynamics and Applications conference meets for the third time this week in Princeton, with Ed Belbruno calling the house to order on Wednesday. From an interstellar perspective, this year’s conference is packed — last year we had but three interstellar papers, whereas the 2006 meeting will feature two complete sessions […]

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Marc Millis Interviewed on Cosmic Log

July 6, 2006

An interview with Marc Millis, founder of the Tau Zero Foundation, was posted yesterday on Alan Boyle’s Cosmic Log on the MSNBC Web site. After discussing the so-called ‘antigravity’ phenomenon known as the Podkletnov effect, which has been called into serious question by recent studies that found no evidence for it, Millis went on to […]

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On Foundation-Building and Starflight

June 28, 2006

by Marc Millis Welcome to the birth of a new foundation. Using the dream of reaching other worlds as a long-range goal and a catalyst for near-term progress, the Tau Zero Foundation supports incremental advancements in science, technology, and education. As a private nonprofit (501c3) corporation, supported mainly through philanthropic donations, the Foundation seeks out […]

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Tau Zero Foundation Announced

June 26, 2006

Last February, Centauri Dreams described the formation of a new foundation, a private nonprofit (501c3) corporation dedicated to supporting the advances in science, technology and education that may one day enable us to reach the stars. Conceived by Marc Millis, former head of NASA’s Breakthrough Propulsion Physics program, the foundation aims to support a carefully […]

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Interstellar Travel: Just a Hyperdrive Away

February 15, 2006

by Ian Brown Centauri Dreams’ discussions of a foundation to support research into interstellar flight caught the eye of Edinburgh-based science writer Ian Brown. As far as I know, the article that resulted is the first appearance of the new foundation in the mainstream media, and it is reprinted here with the permission of its […]

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Building a Foundation for Practical Starflight

February 3, 2006

Long-time Centauri Dreams readers know that I’ve written repeatedly about a non-profit foundation to support research into interstellar flight. The groundwork for this foundation, as you will see below, dates back over a decade. It is now time to get busy with practicalities, the first of which is the choice of a name. In 1993, […]

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