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7th Annual NIAC Meeting in October

Among papers to be presented at the upcoming NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts meeting are several that catch the eye from an interstellar perspective:

  • Alexey Pankine, Global Aerospace Corporation
    Sailing the Planets: Science from Directed Aerial Robot Explorers
  • Constantinos Mavroidis, Northeastern University
    Bio-Nano-Machines for Space Applications
  • John Slough, University of Washington
    The Plasma Magnet
  • These are among the papers to be presented by Phase II fellows of NIAC; i.e., those whose work has received a second round of NIAC funding. More lectures are to be announced before the meeting, which takes place October 10-11 in Broomfield, CO (30 minutes from the Denver airport). Those interested in attending should contact Katherine Reilly at kreilly@niac.usra.edu with their name, affiliation, email address, telephone number and specific dates of attendance. There is no charge for registration.

    A number of poster presentations will also be available, including three
    intriguing antimatter discussions:

  • James Bickford, Draper Laboratory
    Extraction of Antiparticles Concentrated in Planetary Magnetic Fields
  • Gerald P. Jackson, Hbar Technologies, LLC
    Antimatter Harvesting in Space
  • Gerald A. Smith, Positronics Research LLC
    Positron-Propelled and Powered Space Transport Vehicle for Planetary Missions
  • Centauri Dreams discussed both Jackson and Bickford’s work in a previous post. More on the NIAC meeting as things develop. The meeting site is the Omni Interlocken, located at 500 Interlocken Blvd., Broomfield, Colorado 80021.