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Housekeeping Notes (and Problems)

The cleanup after the big splash continues. I am now working in an office that is more or less dry, with the help of constant dehumidifiers, but am inexplicably plagued by software problems that have shut down operations on one of my machines. Add to that a hardware glitch that surfaced just yesterday and it’s clear that I may not be back at full speed today. It will probably take the weekend to get things sorted out — I’m online, but there are lots of things that need doing here. Just moving books to drier ground is occupying plenty of time, though I’m glad to report little actual damage to anything important.

On a different note, I’m hearing from some readers that commenting on Centauri Dreams stories is a problem. You have to register to comment, and although most people have done that without incident (and the comments duly appear), some have found that the software won’t take their registration. I have no explanation for this and am hoping that someone more knowledgable about WordPress than I am may be able to help. I understand that WordPress problems re commenting are not uncommon. If you have any ideas, please pass them along.

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  • ArmchairAnarchist June 16, 2006, 13:59

    Hi there;

    As a fellow wp user, I was having similar problems, which I never entirely got to the bottom of; I think it’s to do with the registration process being tricky, and usernames and passwords being case-sensitive, but some folk still fall through for unknown reasons.

    In the end, I just switched the ‘let anyone comment’ option on the Options page; spamkarma2 (which I discovered through your site, BTW) seems to be very effective at squelching rubbish and allowing legit comments. Maybe give it a try for a week, see if you get more comments through with no increase in spams?

    Anyway, great blog; I’m a relatively recent arrival, thanks to Mac Tonnies featuring both yours and my blogs in a ‘new additions’ post a few weeks back. Keep at it, and I hope all goes well with the big cleanup!

    Paul R/AA

  • Administrator June 16, 2006, 18:22

    I’ll probably take your good advice, once I get everything straightened out in the office. And for readers who are not familiar with Velcro City Tourist Board, be sure to check it out at:


    and especially take a look at:


    which brings a sudden ‘aha!’ moment to quantum mechanics.

    Many thanks, Paul, for your kind words and good wishes on the cleanup, which is now going quite well. Things should be back to normal soon.