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Scaled Composites Support Fund

The recent deaths of three Scaled Composites employees — Charles Glen May, 45; Eric Blackwell, 38; and Todd Ivens, 33 — have brought sorrow to the young commercial spaceflight industry. Those wishing to support the families of the deceased as well as the employees injured in the explosion can do so through the Scaled Composites Family Support Fund.

According to a statement from the National Space Society, contributions can be sent to:

Scaled Family Support Fund
c/o Scaled Composites
1624 Flight Line
Mojave, CA. 93501

Acct # 04157-66832

Wire transfer ABA Routing #1220-0066-1

Please make checks payable to the account number or to the name of the fund.

The first deaths in the civilian space sector remind us how many died during the development of aviation. Doubtless there will be more, but the forces driving our push to open up space to companies with good ideas are unlikely to be slowed. What is happening in the Mojave and elsewhere is igniting the dreams of an entirely new generation. We are in debt to those who gave their lives helping that dream take form.

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  • Darnell Clayton August 1, 2007, 0:02

    Amen to that. As we remember these brave souls, we must also remember why they took the risk of doing what they did.

    We will be forever indebted to those who sacrifice their time, and sadly in this case, their lives in order to help our species become space faring.

    They will be sorely missed.

  • Kelci August 28, 2007, 22:37

    I miss you Todd and Eric. I’m going to make sure Kim does ok. Wrecks is perfectly happy here. Love you both…….