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E-Mail Subscribers: New Service Now Working

I’ll have something more to say about this later, but I did want to mention that the email subscribers to Centauri Dreams should now begin seeing the regular postings in their inbox via the services of follow.it. I wanted to go ahead and mention this as several people wrote to verify that this was indeed my doing. The answer is yes, the follow.it messages are not a fishing expedition for malefactors, but the new delivery mechanism. Again, this applies to those who subscribe to the site by email. More about all this in about a week once we have things normalized.


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  • Edwin July 6, 2021, 5:56

    Hi Paul

    How do I subscribe?

    Cheers Edwin

    • Paul Gilster July 6, 2021, 10:01

      Edwin, check on the right side of the top page at Centauri Dreams and you should see an email subscription option. I’m about finished (via my friend Frank Taylor’s good work) with the changeover in services, but for a day or so there may still be two separate emails coming. This should stop quickly as I get the old feed eliminated.